Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

So I know it has been a while since my last post but the past week just flew by.  I am in my final days of living in Tulsa and I have to say that I am really scared about moving down to Durant, but there is also a side of me that is a bit excited too! I have never lived in a small town so I am very interested to see how I adjust to this.  Last week at work, my co-workers threw me a going away party which was so nice of them.  I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity that they showed me.  They gave me this beautiful name plate and card holder with my name engraved on it!  I was so overwhelmed and sad that I was actually going to be leaving next week that I began to cry. 

This was the first real job that I had since getting out of college so moving on to something different has been really hard for me.  I think I have been very blessed to have developed incredible friendships and relationships with my co-workers.  I really enjoy and love working with them.  I don't think it happens very often where you get along with everyone at work.  This is something that I hope happens at my new job.With my last 3 days of work coming up I know they are going to be hard for me, emotionally.  I know my husband and I made the right decision, and I can't wait to feel settled and more comfortable with our decision to move.

On a side note, today is one of my dear friends and work spouse's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!  


Missy said...

Dear Karla,
I hate that you're leavinnnggg
And I will miss my dear work spouse

Missy said...

Dear Karla,
I hate your replacemeeeeennnttt
and I don't care that I haven't met her
I already think she's a skaaannk.