Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Back!

Well it has been almost 9 months or so since my last post!  I know I had promised to blog more after moving to Durant, but I quickly learned moving here that internet was going to be much more expensive than I realized because Matt and I were living right outside of town. So now that things have settled down, we were able to get internet!  I feel like I am connected again to the world.  So to back things up a bit, I moved down to Durant at the end of March and have been working here as a Therapist.  I really am enjoying what I am doing, and the work keeps me busy.  I'm still adjusting to living in a small town and there are definitely things I miss about living in a bigger city, but I actually have come to enjoy being in Durant more than I thought I would.  So this is just a bit for now, but I promise I will be blogging more to catch you up on my life!